The Jopen Story… In 1994 a home brewers association in the city of Haarlem, Holland, helped celebrate it’s 750th birthday by looking to their Medieval heritage as a former brewing center for all of Northwestern Europe. Found in the Haarlem town archives were beer-brewing recipes dating back to 1407 and 1501. For the celebration, these recipes were used to brew and re-create the beers that made Haarlem famous during these times.

Due to the critical acclaim of the beers’ quality (and to keep the celebration ongoing), the Jopen Brewery was established and began brewing the orginal Haarlem City beers with commercial success throughout the Netherlands.

The Brewery name “Jopen” (pronounced YO – pen) refers to the 112 liter beer barrels used during Medieval times. By positioning themselves as a true Dutch craft brewery, allowing free-thinking ideas and brews, yet remaining deeply rooted in Dutch beer tradition, Jopen has expanded their offerings and supply capabilities over the past two decades.

By placing an emphasis on quality, variety, and originality, each Jopen beer has its own unique story to tell. Koyt, HoppenbierJacobus Rye Pale Ale, Adriaan Wit, Extra Stout, Bokbier, and Doubting Thomas Imperial Quadrupel help make up the Jopen beers that have put Jopen brewery on the map.

The world has taken notice of Jopen as a leading brewery in the ‘Euro-Craft’ category of beers with recent golds at the European Beer Star, The World Beer Awards, and The World Beer Championships.